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Welcome World!!! 

And Welcome Home!!! Whether you are correcting your status, or an official, enjoy your journey! And even though you are coming home to the land & soil, it doesn't mean you can't spend some time at the beach. "We are the Value," 8 billion precious people! Evolving consciously in harmony, pure harmony, pure love harmony, alignment with creation.


Click an appropirate link in the navigation bar, fill in the form & check your email. Correcting your Status? Choose New/Individual or ABA-IBA Claimants (if you hava a claim in). After you fill in the form you will be directed to select and download your documents. Sovereign? Select a Sovereign link or ABA-IBA Clamaints (if you have a claim in).
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A Movement of Love, Light, and Liberation, Evolving
Concsiously, Resonating in Harmony with Creation.