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The Global Family Group Privacy Policy

Information privacy, or data privacy (or data protection), is the relationship between collection and dissemination of data, technology, and the public expectation of privacy. Privacy concerns exist wherever personally identifiable information or other sensitive information is collected and stored – in digital form or otherwise. Improper or non-existent disclosure control can be the root cause for privacy issues. Data privacy issues can arise in response to information from a wide range of sources.

Our PRIVACY policy is in accordance to 528 Quantum Dimensional (QD) empowerment of Love. Personal information can be anything that can be used to identify an individual, such as name, address, date of birth, marital status, contact information, financial records, ID, credit information, medical records and the list goes on and on… Understanding the information landscape, our PRIVACY Management fragments information to ensure our private network has the power to provide the highest levels of privacy selectively accessing and divulging information for various reasons. We are sensitive to your privacy and reserve the right to not release in accordance to our privacy policy any personal information. Global Family Group classifies your information QD secret sensitive, proprietary and confidential.

The Global Family Group Disclaimer

All Rights Reserved Disclaimer: The Global Family Group’s intent is to add value for all who visit and use this website, however, the continued use of this site is for information and educational purposes only.

References are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute an endorsement by The Global Family Group of any of the products, services or opinions of the organization or individual.

The Global Family Group, International Lawful Land & Soil, Recording & Publishing System for the World is provided for everyone, but It’s your choice to choose Love or Evil, and Global Reserves the Right Not to Do Business with Evil!

The Global Family Group values and protects your privacy and does not sell your personal information to third parties.

Although our intent is to keep the website updated and accurate, The Global Family Group does not take responsibility for any inaccuracy in any information shared on this website. Please use the contact form if you have any questions. Thank you.