Information privacy, or data privacy (or data protection), is the relationship between collection and dissemination of data, technology, the public expectation of privacy, and the legal and political issues surrounding them. Privacy concerns exist wherever personally identifiable information or other sensitive information is collected and stored – in digital form or otherwise. Improper or non-existent disclosure control can be the root cause for privacy issues. Data privacy issues can arise in response to information from a wide range of sources.

For Global Family Group members, Our PRIVACY policy is in accordance to 528 Quantum Dimensional (QD) empowerment of Love, and the Hawaiian Kingdom Law originating back to the complied laws of 1864.

Personal information can be anything that can be used to identify an individual, such as name, address, date of birth, marital status, contact information, financial records, ID, credit information, medical records and the list goes on and on… Understanding the information landscape, Our PRIVACY Management fragments information to ensure our private network have the power to provide the highest levels of privacy selectively accessing and divulging information for various reasons, We are sensitive to your privacy and reserve the right to not release in accordance to our privacy policies any personal information such as your religion, sexual orientation, political affiliations, or personal activities being revealed to avoid exposure of your assets, personal embarrassment, or damage to your professional credibility.

Global Family Group classifies our member’s information QD secret sensitive, proprietary and confidential property/asset of Global Family Group. 

Global Family Group is here to empower the 99% of humanity. Love recognizes the various types of personal information that requires privacy. It is our mission to provide our members with the information, resources and solutions to empower your 528 QD energy with the wisdom and guidance to choose which of the options would be best for your certain situation. However, laws and regulations related to Data Protection are constantly changing in the 3rd dimension. Global Family Group anchors to love to create inspired solutions from the 528 quantum dimension.

The key to Protect your personal wealth is privacy . . . without it you become a target of third party interveners . . . with it you are Empowered with the confidence that you and your assets are secured, safe and shielded from predatory attempts by a 741 system designed to steal Your fortunes. Global Family Group mission is HERE to allow you to control your personal assets all the while helping you maintain a safe distance from public ownership. What is not in your name cannot be a target of legal opportunity.