Global Family Group Definition of Love 

" A sincere and deep passionate Unconditional affection for all of humanity" 

  The Global Family Group (GFG) Organization chose to anchor to that deep affection to Love all of humanity. We are sensitive to the “extraordinary" energy, vibration and frequency of Unconditional LOVE.

All that we create with intention is inspired by LOVE. We leave NO STONE UNTURNED. We seek Truth, Wisdom and Knowledge from the source connecting all of humanity, LOVE.

Approved membership allows you to enter into the door way towards Liberation. Your journey to liberation begins with YOU, anchored in Love and awakened to the value of your energy to transmit unconditional love empowers YOU to witness prophetic events in your personal life that will take you on a journey from Preservation to Paradise.

Your membership is entrance into a unique world that is designed as an all-in-one private organization with a plethora of infrastructures that provide you with a road map of opportunities to pay forward when you achieve 528 Liberation.